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Natasha Allain, Reiki Practitioner

Natasha, a Felt-Sense Intuitive and modern day Healer, invokes energy tuning within the body, working closely with Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing, Mindful Functional Movement, and the Sacred Stories in which we construct our experience.


Teaching Experience

Influenced by her mentors, peers, and personal path, Natasha creates a space where students can cultivate a deeper journey inwards. Through well-constructed anatomical cueing, Natasha brings students in and out of postures safely, adorning shapes with healthy spinal awareness. With Natasha’s steeped intuition in the Chakras, she offers subtle body cues to unfold the expression of each posture with balance and stability.

Natasha works within a specific niche of Mindful Functional Movement, directed through a spiritual lens. Now, when she says spiritual, Natasha clarifies that spirituality belongs to no dogma; you are simply honouring your Self – your Highest Self, to be specific. And, it is in this approach, mindful functional movement, that you will use your physical body in shape to access your emotional and spiritual experience in the Now. You will leave session feeling more contained and grounded – through spinal strengthening and awareness – while deepening your inner connectedness through Self exploration.

Intuitive-Reiki, Crystal & Resonance Balancing

Impacted by Shamanic ceremony, Native roots, and the energetic healing system of Sensei Usui, Natasha brings her own medicine bag of tools to session. As a Felt-Sense Intuitive and Reiki practitioner, Natasha works closely with the major and minor Chakras, Meridian Lines, and subtle body responses. In session Natasha will use the vibrational frequencies of sound as well as crystals and semi-precious stones to create a harmonizing effect within energetic centers of the body. With Natasha’s extensive understanding of the anatomical body, she may also bring gentle massage and manipulation into session to compliment energetic, psychological, and physical release and restoration.

If you are curious about the lineage of Reiki and how it works within your body, please book a free 20 minute Meet and Greet with Natasha.

Workshops & Events

Natasha aims to live a full and inspiring life, and will continue to expand her understanding and share her vision of living an empowered life.

Ask about when Natasha will be holding her next workshop at The Golden Mean, or request a specific workshop theme or focus on something you’re looking to learn more about. It takes a community!

Specialized Education

Woman Within Weekend, with Woman Within International

Women’s Circle Facilitation Training, with Woman Within International

Sound Resonance Training, with Darren Austin Hall

Reiki Level I & II, with Shirley Lynn Martin of Feathers, Rainbows, and Roses

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, with Moksha Yoga International

Hypnotherapy Certification, with the Australian Success Academy

Bachelor of Arts in Research Specialist Psychology & Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Visit Fees

Meet & Greet

15 minutes


Initial Consultation

90 minutes

$125 +hst

Initial Reiki Intuitive Alignment

60 minutes

$85 +hst

Follow Up Reiki Intuitive Alignment

45 minutes

$70 +hst

Reiki Alignment & Grounding Foot Massage

85 minutes

$110 + hst

Restorative Yoga & Reiki Healing

75 minutes

$90 + hst

Reiki Alignment & Crystal Singing Bowl Healing

75 minutes

$110 +hst


Intuitive Reiki Sessions
In honouring tradition and ceremony, Natasha will invite the universal healing energy of Reiki into session. Reiki can be practiced with both hands on and off techniques. Reiki healing works within the major and minor Chakras and Meridian Lines within the body. Reiki is non-invasive and may include gentle manual manipulation and massage. In session, Reiki, Medicine bowls, harmonic singing, aroma and crystal therapy may be explored.

Mindful Functional Movement 
Using your physical body to access emotional and spiritual stories, in session, we will focus on spinal stability and strength, creating a strong foundation, so you may build a resilient emotional and spiritual kingdom. We will begin with an Intuitive-Reiki session to unveil areas of imbalance and finish with mindful functional movement to open closed spaces, strengthen inactive areas, and promote greater harmony in spaces that are overactive. Yoga and mindful functional movement, Reiki, aromatherapy, soul coaching, crystal healing, and meditation may be explored in session.

Conscious Adornment
Connecting with your physical, subtle, and spiritual bodies in order to bring forward the collective needs, desires, and dreams of your Self. Together, in the sharing of sacred stories, you and I will design a jewelry adornment to invite health, wellness, and abundance into your life.

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